Sunday, October 28, 2007

marathon recap.

ok, so the last few days have been a fucking marathon.
here's a quick rundown.

wednesday = Telephasic Workshop went down at Esperanza. dudes ares still trying to figure out whether we'll do it again, as bringing decks over and everything might not be worth the trouble. also, wierd technical difficulties meant we didn't get to play any vinyl.

thursday = heavy motherfuckers from T-dot Loetech bruised the Saphir bass bins, and mofomatronix was on deck fucking everyone's game up with shit along the lines of Modeselektor and Lil Jon. what it do.

friday = dudes were humbled as they shared the stage with the ninja homies Tashis and Luv. they are seriously next level when it comes to the tunes they play at their monthly, the Ninja Tune Clockout. peep game at the casa del popollo every last friday of the month! dual-laptop turbolazer shit was unleashed. dancefloor (& monitor) go boom.

saturday = holy shit. I don't know where to begin with this. two of the best and heaviest DJs from England playing on the biggest soundsystem in the fucking city = Hatcha&Benga at Nice Music was a motherfucking rave. that shit was seriously next level. inspiring mixing and selection. crank that techno-influenced dubstep!
also, mofomatronix threw a pretty fucking dumb illegal afterhours party in the back room of the thrift store on parc ave. People went dumb & hyphy despite the bitch monitor and the MIA Hyphy Juice (we'll break it out @ Bass Culture, duders!) so many people. such great homies. thank you every one

now we sleep.
come peep game on november tenth for the 5th edition of Bass Culture, dudes.
Ghostbeard, aka best Dancehall DJ you've ever heard + TBA = this is going down.

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Mathieu.J said...

a motherfuckin rave, totally