Tuesday, September 30, 2008


oh snap, your boy Hovatron's (one of "them dudes" from Mfmatrnx) new re-mixtape is featured alongside the new Megasoid burner on the New motherfucking Yorker's blog. Exclusive week-long feature. Feel free to relink but please don't repost until next week. Thanks!

Follow that link for the DLs. our dudes Megasoid are playing the NewYorker music fest this friday in the big apple, and are flying back on some Pharell and P.Diddy shit the next day to play alongside the rest of them, as we do the ultimate transatlantic face-off.

that's right. Lucky Me. in Montreal. Rustie, Hudmo, Dom Sum, Mike Slott (and our boy Kalamo if all goes well!!!!). This coming weekend is the flurry of madness and checkered shirt noisebands fighting for the same audiences as the American rappers that is the annual International Montreal Pop Festival, which brings the craziest and most diverse festival lineup this city sees every year. Our showcase is on Saturday, as part of our monthly residency at the Coda Social Club (also happens to be their first birthday! congrats dudes!)

gott damn. so much heat.

if you follow this blog or the rest of the modern world at all, you know how good this party will be already. These dudes are straight murderers, and it's with pleasure and honour that we are sharing a bill with them.

ps: WeaponsHouse revamped its website!!! our dudes over in the megasoid camp redesigned and revamped the site to become the so source for all things WH design and Turbo Crunk.

pps: sorry for the lengthy post, there's just so much shit popping. was going to apologize for the lack of music posts, but fuck you and your mans, just realized there's a link to two 52 minute remix-fucking-blood,sweat&tears-mixtapes right up there!!! so just download that shit, get rowdy and GIT PUMPED.

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