Sunday, January 11, 2009


DJ Dials just put out a new promo mix, shit is HEAVY.
A few choice cuts from your dudes over at Manybrain HQ, and a bunch of other gems from around the world and sound spectrum


(direct download!)

he's also got a bunch of super amazing mixes over here


fred said...

yes !
massiv' mix for shure !!
if ur ok , i can pass it in my radio show here in france .
let me know what u think about.

fred ficus

rivaldials said...

hell ya you can!

slugarr said...

oooweeee dials youve really done it this time

enormous selection

rivaldials said...

im going to make a tracklisting with everything ASAP..
btw slugs, yr shit is out of CONTROL.
watch out, there's hells of that stuff in the mix. it's becoming a staple when i play out.
the tracklist will be up on my site and then here...!!!!


fenek process said...

good Rivaldials, i will put ur mixte in my next radio show , wednesday 21 january.
with the tracklist its perfect ;)


frd ficus


dials killd eet
many fame

fred said...

hey Dials, i have pass ur mix on the radio last wednesday, people like it !
we'll meet us in Besançon in france ;)
with honeyboxx and lazer swords ..

rivaldials said...

hey.. my sorry ass finally made a tracklisting..
this is from listening to it..
SLUGGA- what is the name of that one song? you know the one.



1. Millie- Lil Wayne- Cookin Soul Remix (Dj Dials Blend w/ Hovatron Mannie Fresh Tribute)
2. Cerebral Vortex Vrs Robot Koch- Vortex Cookies Instrumental (flako Remix) Dials Blend with Sebastian's HAL
3. Tweet - Oops Oh My (Hudson Mohawke Remix)
4. Sluggabed- Breadcrumbs and Buttabeans
5. Melt Bananna- We Will Rock You
6. Daddy Kev- Little Doggy
7.Sluggabed- ? MothaFucka (?) dunno! Track 13 from mystery glasgow cd...
8. Cassie- Me and U (manybrain edit?)
9. EPROM- Ghost Hunter
10. Breakbeat Buddah- Hustler's Concerto
11. FINE CUT BODIES "Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix)"
12. Shawty Lo - Dey Know (Hovatron Remix)
13. Hudson Mohawke- ZoOooOooM (Dials Lazer Gucci Blend)
14. Cool Kids- Pennies
15. Powell- Aoc ( Tayeeb Remix)
16. Tobacco- Backwoods Altar
17. 215TFK - Some Poutine
18. Harmonic 313- Neon
19. Tom Burbank- Diesel
20. Boreta- Slide the Dutch rmx
21. Oliver Laric- E
22 Tom Burbank- Juno
23. Lorn- Automation V2
24. Mux Mool- Death 9000 (Machine drum Remix)
25 Hovatron- Facemeltdown Supreme Draft
26. Hovatron- Dumb in my Backpack
27. Sluggabed- Gettobonk
28. Spartan Lover- Polka Grease
29. Clipse- Fast Life (lunice rmx)
30. Lowest Limit - Kush Leaves Instro
31. Hovatron- Made You Look
32. Disruption- Loop Beat 1
33. A-Trak- My Sneakers
34. Nosaj Thing- 1685
35. Lorn- The greatest Silence
36. Bullion- Get Familiar
37. Excision and Subvert- Dirt Nap
38. Harrison Blackoldman- Full Speed
39. My Neck Remix (unknown)
40. Subvert- Big steppa
41. Hot Dolla- Red Monkey Jeans
42. Justice - Genesis (arch cupcake remix)
43. Hovatron- Deboutonner Re-edit
44. 215TFK- Rambunktion- (Boreta Remix)
45. Nasty Feel (biggie vrs MGMT justice)
46. Build 128- Total Shortage
47. Subvert- Size Matters
48. Megasoid- Bun B Remix
49. Hovatron- Discipline Rmx
50. Flying Lotus- Camel (Nosaj thing Remix)


Anonymous said...

besoin de verifier:)

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