Monday, April 27, 2009

Vixen Ent - iNeed

Vixen Ent - iNeed

another week another Jerk banger
this new stripped down and delightfully retarded regional rap movement based out of L.A. is picking up steam. It's like Young L left his mark on dumb west coast club rap afterall! we are not mad.
Dials supplied this one, someone show me how to invite people to the blog so we can get dude slinging a million links.


spectre said...

where the hell can i find a 320 of that jam...shit is HOTNESS!

Mofo said...

haha, man, jerkin only seems to pop up in the worst bitrates, and even then it's so poorly produced that you probably wouldn't get much more low-end out of it... a pack of Hovatron Jerkin re-edits are on the way though!

spectre said...

sick man... cant wait. ;)

anywhere_Smile said...

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Maxine said...

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