Friday, May 9, 2008

Kev & Lu + Money Ho

Kev & Lu were on killing duty at the Soul Mechanics DJ School.

Despite fully realizing we don't shut up about Lil B & Young L (Hova's playcount for this next joint has exceeded 200 in iTunes) we got two more for you.

Money Ho (better quality!!)
Super Pound (not so great quality, but shit, it's the bay, and this KNOCKS)

Not only is Money Ho the only song any of us listen to at home, the joint that gets us into trouble in public spaces and the track that makes our girlfriends mad, but fools are getting straight up fined for it.

"had this song for a min and the other night i was blappin and got rolled up by dem police and got a stereo ticket he said he heard me from 4 blocks This song SLAPS HARD" -duder from bayontop

Keep your head to the ground for fall developments with these dudes.

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