Friday, May 9, 2008

Turbo Crunk + SUMMER

It's nearing the end of the month which means it's time for some rap music to be played out loud. This month's guests are straight killing it in three different states (NY,CA & TX). We're talking 215:The Freshest Kidz & Theophilus London. Rap Kings night. Turboflyer up soon.
Top homie from Halifax ANGO will be rolling in for a special PA set. We're going to be bringing in local dudes that don't suck like PK and Blake Market to come do what they do best in the near future.

Down coats have been thrown in the closet and Montreal is looking damn fine, summer's here. Anyone who's rocked with Megasoid last summer knows what's up. We're going BIG this year. Expect shit in a kitchen, on a roof, near a canal and under a bridge near you. For serious.

More developments=touring for the duders. Blingmod (peep his new "demo mix", the remedy to 8 months of blacking out) was invited as a last minute guest for the Glitch Mob x Lazersword x Flying Lotus show @ Mighty in San Francisco. Shit is going to pop. The young trillies have finally gotten their shit together and will be touring Europe in August. LuckyMe, aka the dopest collective in the world right now bar-none, have invited us to kill it at the Baller's Social Club in Glasgow, Scotland on August 8th. We're going to be rolling through Dublin, Paris and Edinburgh too, holler.

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