Wednesday, December 3, 2008

20 years of Hip Hop history in your headphones.

Yep, it's true. That dude Ahmet who goes by the name of Dj Heist (who is arguably one of the most knowledgeable Hip Hop individuals on this earth) brings to you to the table 20 f*cking years of Hip Hop history in your headphones...

"I've been spending lots of time gathering all my records,(OGz, represses, bootlegz, whitez...) mixing them up and down, cutting' them up, messin'around, trying to realise something that everybody can appreciate since this mix is like a little trip from my first tapes (P.E, BDP, LL Cool J, Rakim ...) to the TV Shows (MTV Raps, Viva Freestyle...) and radio shows (Couleur 3, Dj Sebb).
iit goes to classics, west steez, new steez and of course the old and indie joints. it took me a long time to achieve that work, since i've also tried to mix it."

- Dj Heist / Source:

The dude is a massive inspiration to all Hip Hop heads around the world today. We are grateful to have a dude like him bringing us such rich knowledge like this.

We thank you Dj Heist.

Download the mix here.

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