Tuesday, July 14, 2009


yo dudes,

so i know we used to give up so much free stuff on the internets and i do plan on flooding y'all with a million free links soon, I have been meaning to drop his for a minute. It features a few beats from the past 6 months or so that i'm happy about and have always kind of meant to keep together and in a particular order, so what better way than to drop it altogether. i'll be a 320k download. 5$ through paypal.

I'll be revealing the tracklist in the coming days, however some of it has been sitting in my myspace player for a minute so feel free to peep that to get familiar
I'm really excited to put this out and will probably keep the amount of downloads limited so try to cop while you can!!!!!!!!!!

in other news:
as always there are a million things going down.

-Lunice and I are leaving for tour in two weeks, if you are in europe at that time you shuld get to one of the cities we are playing and come brodown.

-Mofomatronix dj-team is back in full effect with a handful of super amazing and interesting bookings and commissioned mixes on the way, peep game soon!!

-Lunice & Speakerbruizer (of our homies Megasoid) both KILLED it at the Flying Lotus show here in montreal this past weekend, great times were had. I did live visuals all night and should be doing that a bit more often as time goes on, however i'm not necessarily planning on that overshadowing the music shit... trying to figure out a way to do the live music set at the same time (multi-tasking hollaaaa) and bring that shit on tour.

i should just make shorter posts more often..

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