Monday, March 15, 2010

New Hovatron mixtape for LowRiders

Long time since the first one (which can still be streamed here)

The great people over at Low Riders Collective, based in Rotterdam asked me to do a mix, and I thought I was long overdue to do a mixtape of some of my material, so it ended up being a slightly more ambitious thing.

Awkward interview and download/streaming links on their blog right here

Big things this year. Good music is coming out everywhere, exciting dance parties in montreal, etc.

Here is the tracklist for the mix:

1. Hovatron – Max Headroom – INTRO
2. Hovatron – Everything Always
3. Hovatron – The Drip
4. Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation
5. Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation (Cryptical remix)
6. Dopplereffekt – Plastiphilia (Hova remix)
7. Hovatron – One Handed
8. Hovatron – Blaptop
9. Hovatron – Delorean Reprise
10. Hovatron – Super Soaker
11. Cassie – Long Way to Go (Hova remix)
12. Hovatron – Born Under Punches (interpretation of Talking Heads)
13. Hovatron – Already Know
14. Hovatron – Well Yeah, Maybe We’ll See
15. Hovatron – Gypsy Trader
16. Hovatron – Case of the Doomsdays – OUTRO


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