Friday, March 5, 2010

RQM - Colors Fade

Let's start off by apologizing for the lack of posts.
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Things have been good, we've been to london for RBMA, released 7"s on spannish Skweee labels, worked PR for DFA records and started building modular synthesizers.

Alright alright alright on to the heat:

RQM, which you are probably familiar with if you follow this whole new wave of beat stuff remotely closely, he's been on a bunch of amazing beats by some of our friends, like Lazer Sword for example. He just released an EP called Colors Fade. No offense everyone, we try to listen to things we get by email, but when RQM himself hollered and I finalle went through this, It thought it was my duty to share.

For starters, the music. Great vocals, I'm hearing a bit of Saul Williams in there, but more soulful, without the annoying bits and more relevant. Now : RIDICULOUS beats. I'm talking off the wall ridiculous. Click here to stream the wild timbaland-esque SIRIUSMO contribution (Siriusmo being a unanimous Manybrain favorite). To be honest I'm not sold on the JF version but that just may be my gripe with that dubstep right now.

Second, amazing packaging and concept. 84 7"s were pressed each with unique painted artwork that once put together form a huge puzzle. Try doing that with your MP3s. Also comes with a t-shirt and a whole bunch of extra shit but wait did we mention also Chris De Luca and Phono and SIRIUSMO beats? oh yeah. that too.

So Finally, here is a track available for download, the title track, produced by Glue Kids:

RQM - Colors Fade (prod. Glue Kids)

It's sounding like influences going full circle and is reminiscent of press darlings XX. Ketamine'd up sexy minimalism, executed very well.

ps: if you didn't listen to the siriusmo beat, do it. if you did, do it again


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