Wednesday, March 25, 2009

amazing videos

both released the same week a month ago, Kanye's new video for Welcome to Heartbreak and Evident Utensil by indie band Chairlift both utilize stunning collapsing technology to the fullest. Heavy codec and compression noise create ridiculous psychedelic effects. I strongly recommend watching both in HD, as to take in the full experience of compression and downgraded digital data.

this is isn't a music post... i couldn't really care less for either Chairlift or most of Kanye's work, but an ode to their wonderful videos.

ps: Kanye has killed video game as of late with Heartless (albeit just a redux of animated classic American Pop), Love Lockdown and Flashing Lights. and yes, we'll stop mentioning him here as of now.

pps: just found Bob Weisz' how-to guide for datamoshing, this shit is the Blingee of video editing, let's get to popping folks. I want to feel like i'm on 13 hits of acid next I see VJing in the club!

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